A few days ago Xiaomi officially introduced its two new flagships - Mi 10 and its improved version, Mi 10 Pro. Both phones will be available at a relatively good price compared to the specifications offered, so it's not surprising that they generate a lot of interest among customers. It turns out that interest even surpasses the assumptions of the manufacturer itself.

Flash sale of the first batch of Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro devices has officially ended. Company didn't officially disclose how many phone pieces were distributed during it, only the amount of money received by the company as part of this sale was given to public. Xiaomi received 200 million of yuans. This amount means that between 42 000 and 50 000 of new flagships of Chinese manufacturer were sold. It took only 55 seconds to sell so many phones. It is very possible that next flash sales will end just as quickly as the first event.