Until now, Google Pay was an application that could be operated in a fairly intuitive way. The application did not have many functions and was not too extensive, but that is about to change soon. Google confirms it, by announcing major changes in the application. The company wants to introduce a completely new design of Google Pay, while introducing some new features.

The new version of Google Pay will receive a completely new design, but the new features that will appear in the application will certainly be more interesting for many users. After the new update, Google Pay will allow us to have greater control of our expenses and revenues. The application will show us exactly who we got the money from, and in addition, we will also be able to set up special groups in which we will be able to communicate or see who, for example, in a given month did not pay their part of the subscription fee. The application will also receive a more detailed search option, which will allow us to easily find one specific payment we are looking for. In addition, many companies are announcing cooperation with Google, which will allow you to pay for the service directly from the application. Ultimately, Google Pay is to even allow you to pay for a parking space from the application level, without the need to use other applications than Google Pay. So far, the new version of Google Pay is being tested among a small group of US customers.