When sending text messages via iPhone, you can do it in the standard way by sending an SMS, but if the recipient also has an iPhone, you can send a message via the iMessage platform. It is an advanced way of exchanging messages between owners of Apple devices, which allows, among other things, to react to messages or display read receipt. However, this feature only works between Apple devices, which discriminates against users of Android smartphones. Google points to this problem once again, this time creating a creative clip posted on social media.

Google's latest marketing campaign is linked to Drake's song "Texts Go Green". The lyrics refer to changing the color of the iMessage chat bubbles on the iPhone. The background color of the message turns green when the user is blocked from iMessage, or when messages are sent to users using Android phones. Google, wanting to draw attention to this problem, used a song by Drake, at the same time publishing short sentences that are read by a speech synthesizer. In the attached clip you can find that Google is encouraging Apple to implement RCS technology. RCS, so Rich Communication Services, is a technology that develops standard SMSes, enriching them with the option of adding a reaction or the option of receiving a notification about reading the message. In practice, it is a technology similar to iMessage, but it is doubtful that Apple will give up its proprietary solution only to unify the functions available on various mobile systems.