According to the regulations of most social networks, access to them is allowed for people over 13 years of age, and some functions of individual pages are available only after they reach the age of majority. It happens, however, that the owners of some accounts forge information about themselves by giving the wrong date of birth. The Meta company wants to fight this problem and introduces new ways of verifying the age of the user to Instagram.

One of the new ways to verify age will be to record a video with the front camera of smartphone that will show the user's face from many angles. Thanks to this, the artificial intelligence developed by Yoti company will estimate the age of the user from the recording. The second option will be surety from other users. When certain persons who are of legal age confirm the age of the analyzed account within 3 days, the account will be verified positively. One adult will be able to confirm the age of one another adult. The third, already well-known way is to send a photo or scan of a document such as an ID card, passport or driving license. Meta ensures that the information sent in this way will be stored only for 30 days.