Until now, smartwatch manufacturers had to choose between the great battery life of the equipment on a single charge cycle and support for external applications. Using external applications causes the battery level to drop quickly. The equipment from Huawei had a great battery, but of course it lacked support for external applications. However, the situation is changing.

Huawei Watch GT2 Pro now supports the first external application that is not pre-installed on the watch. It is a Fitify app that monitors users' training and overall physical activity. The Chinese manufacturer announces that the application should soon be available on other Huawei's smartwatches. This is probably a foretaste of what lies ahead. The Fitify application shows that Huawei is ready to open up to external applications in its watches. In addition, it has been rumored for several days that Huawei's smartwatches will also have an SMS application that allows for a direct response using the watch, but this information hasn't yet been confirmed by the manufacturer.