Twitter has repeatedly tried to modify the way media is played in its application. Recently, the Fleets option appeared in the mobile app, which was a similar feature to Instagram Stories of sharing stories with your followers. However, the function was not positively received by users and was removed from the application. Twitter, however, is constantly looking for a way to attract more attention to various types of multimedia, so now a new way to play video will appear on the platform.

Twitter introduces a new media player to its platform that will show recordings in full screen mode on smartphones. The application will then take on a similar appearance to other solutions known from platforms such as Instagram or TikTok. In addition, a new Discover tab will be added to the application, in which recordings selected for specific users will be made available. When we are interested in any of the thumbnails, we will be able to play the recording in a new full screen mode with one click. Both of these novelties will be gradually tested among users from selected countries.