Workers of OnePlus doesn't need much time to change its mind on some questions. In its latest flagships, company used a pop-up camera claiming that front camera placed in a characteristic notch in the center or in a special hole on the side of the screen negatively affects the design of devices. Less than half a year was enough to find out that the upcoming OnePlus flagships will have a special hole for front camera similar to that used by Samsung. And this is not the end of the changes.

The latest reports indicate that OnePlus wants to officially confirm the waterproofness of its phones through IP68 certification. Previous OnePlus' flagships were also waterproof, but these devices have not passed official certification. Officially, manufacturer justified this decision with economic considerations, as in the case of official certification, according to the company, phone prices would have to be raised by several dollars, and this would not translate into the operation of smartphones. As you can see also in this topic OnePlus changed its mind. For now, we do not know whether the IP68 certification is going to be confirmed only in the Pro model or whether the standard version of the phone will have confirmed waterproofness. Let's hope that this decision will not significantly affect the final prices of new OnePlus' flagships.