Various conspiracy theories in a strange way explaining the origin of the problem are nothing new. Such a problem also appeared in the topic of current coronavirus pandemic. Some Internet users have come to the conclusion that 5G technology, which is still developed in the world, contributed to the outbreak of the pandemic. According to some Internet users, 5G network is dangerous for our health. They explain the pandemic outbreak in other countries using an example of pandemic outbreak in the city of Wuhan, which introduced 5G technology just before the outbreak of the epidemic. However, there is no evidence for this theory, hence YouTube decided to deal with fake news.

YouTube has decided to limit the reach of videos linking the coronavirus pandemic to 5G networks. Company employees indicate that placing videos that spread mass misinformation and popularize conspiracy theories is not welcome, so company decided to demonetise specific recordings and mark them as "borderline", and after this YouTube algorithm won't suggest these recordings to users when watching other videos and will limit their high positioning in the search engine. It is possible that YouTube's actions will contribute to calming the situation down, especially since 5G masts have already been set on fire in Great Britain by some citizens.