MagSafe is a special type of charger developed by Apple especially with its proprietary products in mind. It is a type of wireless charger that allows for faster charging of electronics thanks to the precise matching of magnets in the equipment. This technology is likely to be used regularly in various projects by Apple in the future. One of the more interesting ideas is certainly the creation of a special external iPhone battery that will use the MagSafe technology.

According to journalists, work on an external battery for Apple's smartphones has been going on for over a year. Details about these accessories have not been made public, we only know that from the design point of view, the prototypes of external batteries were to stand out by white color. However, a serious problem was encountered while developing an external iPhone battery. When using the prototype of the new equipment, the batteries in the smartphones were significantly overheating. At the moment, this is the biggest problem that Apple encountered while working on an external battery. Rumors indicate that Apple will release more accessories using MagSafe technology in the future.