Rumors about Google Pixel 5a have appeared on the Internet for a long time. It was said that due to problems with the supply of processors, Google may not release this model on the market. Google reacted very quickly on this matter. The company immediately announced that it was not true.

Google informed the media that Google Pixel 5a 5G will appear on the market later this year. This is to take place in a similar period of the year as it was in the case of Pixel 4a, so we can expect the presentation of the device around August and then the sale of the phone could start immediately. It is worth noting that in the latest announcement, Google mentions the availability of Pixel 5a 5G only in the United States and Japan. It is possible that Pixel 5a 5G will appear only in selected markets, but so far this information has not been confirmed. There is also an option that the new Pixel will hit other markets at a later time.