Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, many people have given up on public transport. This is to reduce the risk of catching the coronavirus, which is why alternative modes of transport have become very popular. Certainly, one of the more interesting ways was cycling, which at the same time ensures physical activity, which in some countries was limited, among others, by closing the gyms. Google has recorded an increase in requests by as much as 69% when it comes to people traveling by bike using Google Maps, hence the company decided to implement several new features for the application with cyclists in mind.

Google used artificial intelligence algorithms and collected data to create special guides for cyclists that will lead them through available bicycle lanes or areas where bicycles will be able to move without problems. These proposed tracks will also take into account the available shortcuts along the route. In addition, now Google Maps will allow you to rent bikes from specific points marked on the maps. However, it is worth noting that these changes are available only in selected cities.