The Android system is currently developed in the direction of automatic "learning" of the user's behavior. The system is supposed to observe the working hours of the phone owner, collect data about used applications and save the battery in the maximum possible way, among others, through the solution added to Android 9, so through an adaptive battery option. Google continues to develop its services, which can be proved the newest update of Google Play Store. After the latest updates, app is supposed to work in a similar way to Android itself when it comes to monitoring users' work.

From now on, Google Play Store will offer users to remove from phones some applications that are rarely used. The store will send us an appropriate notification encouraging to removing some apps, and after clicking on this message, app will open list of applications installed on your phone, which will show us information about when we last used each of the applications. An additional feature in the Play Store will certainly appeal to users who use phones without a large amount of internal memory.