Despite the fact that the number of coronavirus infections is currently decreasing almost all over the world, the pandemic continues to affect all people. We still have to undergo regular examinations and control our health, which is confirmed, among others, by Google's statistics. In the company's search engine, only in May, the search for information on home tests for COVID-19 increased by as much as 170%. For this reason, Google responds to the demand and will make it easier for users to search for places where such tests are available for purchase.

From now on, the Google search engine will show users places where it will be possible to perform the test completely for free, and in addition, Google will also indicate nearby stores that currently have home tests for COVID-19 in stock. In addition, Google is constantly trying to promote the COVID-19 vaccination process itself, indicating places in the vicinity of specific users where vaccination can be done on the spot. At the moment, the search engine improvements regarding the publication of information on the availability of COVID-19 home tests only apply to the United States, but over time this feature is likely to be made available in other countries as well.