Ming-Chi Kuo is an expert in topics related to Apple. Often the announcements of this journalist were reflected in the real plans of company from Cupertino, so it is worth paying attention to the latest news from Kuo. It indicates a few changes that await us in the upcoming iPhones.

Ming-Chi Kuo points out that four new iPhone models will appear on the market this autumn. The sizes of smartphones will not change compared to the iPhone 12 series, but they will be distinguished by a smaller notch. In addition, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro are going to receive LTPO screens that allow to dynamically change the refresh rate of the display. This change will also be associated with an increase in battery capacity on all models. New phones from Apple, contrary to earlier announcements, will probably not be portless, as they will support the Lightning port.

As a curiosity, it is also worth paying attention to Apple's plans for 2022 and 2023. Probably in 2022, iPhones without a notch will appear on the market, and phones according to the company's plans will receive a characteristic hole for the front camera, which we know from smartphones of Apple's competitors. What's more, in 2023 Apple will probably release its own foldable phone on market.