With the launch of the iPhone 14, Apple boasted about the support for satellite communication in its phones, which is to be used in the event of emergency situations. Such a connection will allow you to send short messages or make an emergency call. Apple's biggest competitor, Samsung, is also working on a similar solution. It is very possible that support for satellite connection will appear in the latest series of Samsung's flagship smartphones.

Samsung is to work on developing satellite connectivity in smartphones in cooperation with Iridium. Iridium is actually a system of 66 satellites linked together. Interestingly, Samsung wants to expand this feature a bit more than Apple. Apple indicated satellite connection in iPhone works as a kind of emergency connections, while Samsung, apart from sending messages, wants to allow its users to send even small images via satellite. There is a good chance that this type of connection will be supported by phones from the Galaxy S23 series, but at the moment we do not know if this function would be available globally.