Exynos series of processors is a proprietary work of Samsung. These processors appear in Samsung's flagships in some markets, but the company also sells the units produced to other manufacturers, such as vivo or Motorola. Samsung, however, plans to create a proprietary processor that would be dedicated only to its own flagships.

The unique unit would be created with the Galaxy S series flagships in mind. The company would like to release flagships with a new processor in 2025. The creation of a new processor would be a way to improve the performance of processors in Samsung's flagships. So far, the company has experienced several problems with the operation of the Exynos series units, led by the scandal of the Galaxy S22 series phones when the system deliberately slowed down applications. In addition, comparing Exynos processors to units made by Qualcomm, they are much less polished in terms of temperature management, and a new Samsung's processor could solve this problem.