Siri is an intelligent personal assistant that comes in devices made by Apple. Siri is able to answer a simple question asked by the user or perform an action ordered by voice by the person using the phone, but this time it turns out that Siri was the first source to inform about the upcoming conference that will be organized by Apple.

When users asked Siri a question, wanting to know when the next Apple conference would take place, Siri responded unequivocally - a special event will take place on 20th of April in Apple Park located in Cupertino. Previously, no information about this event appeared on the Internet and only a few hours later Apple confirmed that the company is actually planning its conference for this day. It will probably be broadcasted live on YouTube and on the Apple's website, and it will almost certainly be just a pre-recorded video. We do not know exactly what will be presented on that day. It is possible that Apple plans to launch a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a new mini-LED screen on this day.