At the last conference presenting the iPhone 12 family, Apple boasted that the company implements its ecological assumptions by removing the accessories that have been standardly added to new phones. That is why the new iPhones were released in sets without a standard charger and without basic headphones. So far, both of these accessories have been standard equipment on all phones on the market. Some manufacturers found this to be a good reason to slightly ridicule Apple and the company's policy. That's what Xiaomi did.

Xiaomi decided on a fairly simple marketing campaign using its official Twitter account. The manufacturer boasts that it has managed to reduce the plastic parts of the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite packaging by as much as 60%. That's not all, cause the company has published photos emphasizing the standard composition of gadgets in the phone packaging, where the phone charger has been highlighted. However, it can be assumed that over time more and more companies will decide on a similar solution that Apple used. All this, of course, not only for ecological but also economic reasons.