The Shorts section, where people upload short recordings usually formatted with smartphone screens in mind, is currently gaining popularity on YouTube. This is a form of competition with the TikTok platform. Longer forms of recordings are sometimes already overlooked by users, but YouTube has a sure way to encourage audiences to watch at least selected parts of longer clips.

This method is to be a new function that will automatically indicate to users the video fragments most often played by all recipients who had the opportunity to watch a specific video. Appropriate information will appear under the video thumbnail while rewinding the recording on the standard timeline, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the most important or the most popular content from individual recordings. In addition, YouTube will test other new features, such as the placement of responsive buttons when using full screen mode. The full screen mode itself will also be changed and from now on when using it in the application more details about the movies will appear, such as their descriptions or some comments placed under them.