5G network support is a technological innovation that appears in relatively few telephones and at the moment telephone network operators do not have enough infrastructure to support 5G in most countries. That's making even more strange the information that in Japan some firms started works on technology that will become a standard after 5G - they are working on 6G.

Research in this segment was started by countries such as China, South Korea or Finland, but Japan is the most determined to develop 6G service in an advanced way. This is due to the fact that in Japan the implementation of 5G infrastructure goes relatively slowly, and with the introduction of 6G Japan will want to catch up that has arisen in recent years compared to the largest countries in the world. Japan is going to invest 2.03 billion of dollars in the development of 6G. Based on predictions, 6G is expected to offer 10 times higher speeds than those offered by the 5G network. If everything goes according to plan, 6G is expected to appear on the market by 2030.