Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone producers on the market, but the company also manufactures devices for other companies. A detailed report on the production of electronic equipment by Samsung in 2021 has appeared on the Internet, which indicates the exact numbers of smartphone units produced for all 12 months.

During the previous year, Samsung produced 300 million smartphones. Slightly over 240 million units are proprietary phones from various series developed by Samsung. It is worth noting, however, that only about 25 million phones are Galaxy S21 series phones, which received very good reviews from reviewers, and even after almost a year from the premiere these phones are considered one of the best smartphones using Android. This result is somewhat disappointing for Samsung, as the previous series of Galaxy S phones were sold in around 35-40 million of units. These numbers were certainly influenced by problems with the availability of smartphone components, which make the work of almost all companies on the market difficult. This year, Samsung plans to produce 334 million smartphones, of which 285 million is planned for a series from Samsung's portfolio.