More and more content is appearing on the Spotify platform every day, which is why the personalized libraries of individual users are also growing. Controlling them is becoming more and more difficult, so Spotify has been planning changes in the design of its application for some time, which were to facilitate control over the song library. Ultimately, these changes were implemented to the application a few days ago.

Spotify's application, dedicated to both Android and iOS, has been significantly changed in the user library menu. The new look has predefined search filters that allow users to browse through playlists, artists, albums and podcasts. A new option has also been added to sort songs in relation to recently played recordings. In addition, from now on Spotify allows to pin users' favorite playlists, so that they will appear at the top of the menu, regardless of the type of sorting used. Spotify is constantly releasing an app update in various regions around the world, and if you haven't received it yet, it is likely to happen in the coming days.