Artificial intelligence is currently one of the most popular topics among technology companies. Some projects, such as ChatGPT, are developing very dynamically and firms need to react very quickly if they want to keep up with the competition. This is the assumption of Apple, which intends to increase employment in the field of artificial intelligence.

AI positions inside Apple are expected to increase despite the current market situation, which is causing layoffs in other branches of the IT companies' operations. According to the latest reports, Apple has opened 176 new positions related to artificial intelligence or machine learning. Looking more closely, 68 of them are related to Siri development, 52 are related to iOS development, and 46 of them are supposed to be related to macOS. The rest of the positions are supposed to be associated with more than one product. It is possible that details on Apple's AI policy will be presented at the upcoming event scheduled for 5th of June, but it is likely that during this conference Apple will focus on presenting AR/VR solutions.