The demand for dark themes in applications is high, which is also seen by the developers of Android and iOS. In the latest versions of these two systems it is possible to include a dark theme in the system, which by default will try to force the dark design of the application. However, there are services that do not yet support the dark theme for each user. One of such application is Facebook, which has made this option available only to a limited number of users. Interestingly, the introduction of a dark theme does not only cover Facebook's main application.

The latest information indicates that Facebook has started releasing a dark theme for Facebook Lite, an application dedicated mainly to owners of cheaper phones. It seemed that for Facebook changes in the simplified version of their main application would not be a priority, and yet we received a pleasant surprise from the manufacturer. Theme itself doesn't stand out with anything special, as you can see in the pictures. In the case of Facebook Lite, a new option is also released in batches, so if you download the application on your phone and you cannot turn on the dark theme, this is not a mistake and you will have to be patient for moment when Facebook will turn on this option for your phone.