Competition on the streaming market for video streaming is constantly growing, so each platform is looking for a way to stand out and give users an interesting offer. Certainly, the best solution is to create original, original video productions, but in addition, Netflix also plans to add an unusual product to its offer, which is video game streaming.

Streaming games on the Netflix platform would be direct competition with Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud. The platform will allow users to play games in the cloud directly, without the need to have very strong components that meet the hardware requirements for a given title. A former EA employee, Mike Verdu, is supposed to help Netflix develop new solutions. In the past, he was responsible, among others, for the development of the Sims or Farmville series. The service itself is to be available as part of the basic offer that also includes watching of videos. However, we do not know how this will translate into the direct Netflix price in all available variants. A slight increase in prices for any subscriptions available on the platform is possible.