Google is constantly introducing changes to its systems and devices, which will soon lead to the launch of a new 3.0 version of the WearOS system. One of the most important novelties in this version of the system was to be able to install the application directly on the smartwatch by using your smartphone. Google has finally officially mentioned such a feature on its website.

New filters have been added to the Play Store that allow you to search for dials or applications adapted to smartwatches. After finding the applications to be installed on the smartwatch by clicking the "Install" button on the smartphone, the download will automatically start on the WearOS-compatible hardware. The installation option will also work the other way around, i.e. if it is necessary to pay an application fee while purchasing the application using a smartwatch, the transaction can be completed on the smartphone's screen. The changes applied concern Android smartphones and smartwatches that support WearOS version 2.0 and newer.