The condition of telecommunications equipment around the world varies greatly. Despite the fact that we can now treat 5G as a novelty, some countries still have problems with the preparation of a sufficient number of 4G transmitters and users are forced to use 3G. This does not mean, however, that companies do not go much further with their plans. This is confirmed by the Chinese company Oppo, whose representatives talk loudly about plans for 6G connectivity.

Henry Tang, head of the department responsible for 5G development at Oppo, has already announced that the company is still planning to develop solutions for the use of 6G in the future. In his opinion, 6G for commercial use may be available around 2035. 6G is to be a breakthrough in terms of network interaction with artificial intelligence. The use of 6G is expected to significantly improve people's everyday life. An example was given on the Internet that using 6G autonomous vehicles will be able to analyze many algorithms that will allow to choose the optimal route for driving using information about the current traffic on the roads, but also taking into account the prevailing weather conditions. Of course, these are far-reaching plans for now, and we have to wait for 5G networks to become the general standard in most countries around the world.