One of the most popular indicators for measuring body condition is BMI. Increasingly, however, it is mentioned that this indicator is inaccurate, and instead people are more likely to use measurements such as bioelectrical impedance analysis. Until now, such measurements could only be made in specialized institutions and gyms, but Samsung has adapted its latest watches from the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 series to take such measurements. The latest research additionally confirms that these devices are quite accurate in their analyzes.

A team at the University of Louisiana conducted the study, in which 109 people participated, and 75 of them performed the full scope of the study. The readings obtained with the Galaxy Watch 4 turned out to be surprisingly accurate compared to the professional results obtained with professional medical equipment. The research report shows that the Galaxy Watch 4 achieved a result of about 97% -98% related to the results obtained in a professional manner, by specialized equipment. In addition, the study clearly indicated that the use of functions in the new Samsung watches increased the awareness of people participating in the study about their health, which led to an increase in their physical activity.