Current phones, especially when it comes to flagships, have a lot of RAM and internal memory. Sometimes, however, it happens that the RAM still supports the operation of many applications and its quantity turns out to be insufficient. This is why smartphones have an option to allocate the phone's internal memory that can be used as temporary RAM. Such a function has already appeared in vivo's phones, and the MIUI system code also indicates that the Chinese company Xiaomi is also working on such a function.

Code of MIUI 12.5 system indicates that this feature is already in the testing phase. What's more, there have been reports on the Internet that some people have managed to launch the appropriate menu on the phone, thanks to which it is even possible to run the function while using MIUI 12.5. For Xiaomi's phones, the function allows 1GB to 3GB of memory to be allocated as RAM. Officially, however, Xiaomi has not yet commented on adding this function to the system.