At the moment, we can define that displays with a refresh rate of 60 Hz are the standard on the laptop market in terms of screens used by producers. However, when we will test solutions offering a screen with a higher refresh rate, the difference is very noticeable, even when it comes to standard Internet browsing. Samsung is aware of this, hence the company announces that it will soon start mass production of new laptop screens.

This information was confirmed by the general director of the Samsung Display department, i.e. by Joo Sun Choi. He announces that Samsung is about to start mass production of many 14-inch OLED screens dedicated to laptops, which will have a refresh rate of 90Hz. The first information indicates that such production is to start in March. Samsung points out that, according to the company, OLED screens with a refresh rate of 90 Hz provide a better experience when using a laptop compared to LCD screens with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, but with the final ratings it is certainly worth holding off until the official launch of new Samsung's screens.