For a large number of Spotify users, there has been an automatic change in the status of information on recent activity. By default, this feature for many accounts, especially those not linked to Facebook, has changed the default account setting to private and information about activities is not shared with friends. However, this does not change the fact that the community section with information on user activity has been available on the Spotify platform for years. Its operation is likely to be expanded in the near future and it will also be available as a smartphone application variant.

Until now, in order to check the latest activity of friends, it was necessary to use the Spotify application for computers and it could not be done from a smartphone. As reported by TechCrunch, this should change soon, as Spotify is testing the "Community" section in the Spotify mobile application. It is there that information about recently listened to audio materials by our friends is to be available. At the moment, the Community section is only available to some iOS users who visit the mobile variant of the Spotify website via the Safari browser. The tested user activity section is available via the "spotify: community" address, which then redirects the client to the appropriate part of the application.