Instant messengers are rescue for employees of various companies or schools during the coronavirus pandemic. To communicate in real time, people like to use Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype, but many of these applications impose restrictions on the number of users participating in the conversation. For example, Messenger allows to make video chat maximally for 6 users. Google came to the conclusion that for a pandemic time firm will increase this limit and in fact these changes can be noticed by customers using Google Duo.

Until now, limit of users participating in one conversation was 8 accounts, but for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic Google increased this limit to 12 people. If this is still too much restriction for you, we recommend using a different messenger, because other producers have decided to make similar changes like Google. For example, the limit of accounts participating in video conversations in Viber has been temporarily increased (now up to 20 people), and Skype still allows up to 50 people to talk at the same time.