iMessage is an instant messaging service developed by Apple, which is only used on Apple's hardware. It serves as an application for exchanging messages between users using Apple smartphones, but by default it is also an application dedicated to exchanging SMS messages on phones with the iOS system. Importantly, the application automatically distinguishes the source of the message and if a message has been sent from iPhone to another iOS phone, the application will highlight the background of the message in green. In the case of sending regular SMS, the application highlights the background of the message in blue. According to one of Google's vice presidents, it can be very harmful to distinguish between the sources of news in an app.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google's vice president, commented on this on Twitter. In his opinion, distinguishing between text sources can be harmful, especially among young people. Then, among others in schools, teenagers are sometimes ridiculed for not having an Apple's phone, which can be noticed, among others, by the colors of the chat bubbles in iMessage. It is worth mentioning that over 80 percent of American teenagers use Apple's smartphones. This way of presenting the texts can be a kind of pressure on other consumers to encourage them to buy iPhones. According to the vice president of Google, today's standards allow this decision to be changed. However, it is very doubtful that Apple has made any changes to the iMessage operation aspect at the moment, although Lockheimer's tweet has led to extensive discussions about iMessage among portal users.