The latest rules regulating the purchase of digital goods through the Google Play Store oblige retailers to share their profits with Google. In accordance with the established rules, sellers which earn over 1 million of dollars per year are required to pay a fee of up to 30% on the sale of electronic goods via the Play Store. For this reason, Amazon has decided to make changes to its Android application.

According to the regulations, this company would have to share profits from the sale of electronic goods, such as e-books dedicated to the Kindle reader. In order to avoid a fee that can be up to 30% on sales to Google, Amazon has decided to remove the option to purchase electronic goods directly through its application. You can still browse the range of products sold by Amazon, but for electronic goods, you will be prompted to purchase through Amazon's website instead of in-app purchases. Importantly, the application will not redirect the user directly to the browser to complete the order, because probably such a direct way of placing an order would not meet the Play Store regulations set by Google, and the application will only contain an inscription encouraging to place an order on the website. In the case of placing orders for physical goods, it will be possible to fulfil them all the time through the application.