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Terms and conditions effective from 14.04.2014.

Terms and conditions

§1. Execution of services

1.  Online  Storeoperating at mobileunlock24.com hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider. registered address90 Marlay View, Ballinteer Avenue, Dublin 16, Ireland

2. The Service Provider undertakes to forward to the client object of the service, or unlock codes, in accordance with the parameters specified by the customer.

3. The Service Provider reserves that unlock codes "SIMLOCK" will be effective when the phone previously had not been recorded other bad unlock code and the phone does not have to be changed software.

4. In case the Client typed previously to any phone unlocking codes, installed an unlicensed software, or their phone has had the counter of attempts blocked or it has not had an active field to type the unlocking code, Service Provider shall not be liable for failing to removing Simlock, and the Customer  is not entitled for refund in that case.

5. The service will be provided after payment of a fee calculated in accordance with the Price List page. Payment shall be made after completing the appropriate form on the website of the Service Provider.

6. Accepted Forms of Payment: PayPal (all currency will be converted for Euro during payment process), DotPay(PLN)

7. The service provider undertakes to provide the Client unlock codes within the period specified on the page, depending on your phone model. To date the service is not included in the weekends, Christmas and bank holidays.
This time is given only for indicative purposes, does not establish a specific date of service.

8. The service provider in justified cases, may extend the deadline of the Service.
This is dependent on the services provided by our suppliers.

   In the case of the iPhone service this period can be extended for an additional 21 working days from the time specified in the product description.

   In the case of other models like Sony, Samsung, HTC, LG, Alcatel, Nokia, Huawei, Motorola, BlackBerry, ZTE, this period can be extended for an additional 14 working days from the time specified in the product description.

9. The service provider for technical reasons may cancel the order. Then unrealized service fee will be immediately returned to the Client.

10. Due to the nature of the service the customer can not withdraw his request before the expiration of the actual time provided by the Service Provider.

11. Order Service to unlock your phone from a network other than the phone actually is locked will result in loss of deposit without the right to complain.

12. If your phone is unlocked or phone is blacklisted by provider, and despite the order has been placed, and the client has received a code / or phone is unlocked, the customer is not entitled to a refund.

§2. Complaints

1. All claims for payment and received unlock codes should be submitted to [email protected]

2. The basis for the claim be given a code is a video (recorded on the camera, mobile phone, camera) on which you will see:

- View your IMEI - this should be done by typing the key combination * # 06 #.
- The moment of entering the unlock code, and any error message. Please make sure the video is continuous.
- The film should be placed on YouTube or send an e-mail [email protected]

3. Complaints about the received unlock codes - consider the Service Provider.

4. Complaints services arising through no fault of the Service Provider will be considered negative.

5. A consideration of the complaint is 14 days.

6. the complaint the client will be informed by email.

§3. Returns:

1. Client is entitled to reimbursement of payments in cases where the code is not found in the available databases phone manufacturers / modems / Tablets.

§4. final Provisions

1. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the rules. The new rules apply from the date of its publication.

2. The Client agrees to the processing and storage of personal data.

3. All trademarks and all names appearing on the site belong to their respective owners and are used for informational purposes.

§5. Limitation of Liability

While our IMEI Unlocking service are easy and safe to use, please use our services at your own risk. Mobileunlock24.com is not responsible if you damage your handheld device from improper use or if you failed to follow all the steps correctly. Mobileunlock24.com is not liable for any damages or any loss that you may have.

Privacy policy


     Use of this website requires the processing of your personal information in the field: name, phone number, e-mail address. The data will be processed by Mobileunlock24.com to the extent necessary for the conclusion and implementation services.

Transactional data, including personal data may be transferred to PayPal, DotPay. to the extent necessary for payment for the order. You are entitled to access their personal data and correct them. The provision of data is voluntary and at the same time need to use the service.


     Personal data held by Mobileunlock24.com are stored in a safe place and are not shared with other companies. In addition, we use SSL security on the login page and payment to protect your personal information.