Nowadays, a smartphone becomes a device that gathers all the most important data of users, thanks to which it is enough to have a telephone at hand to use all the most important services. Now the phones are used for payment instead of cash or credit cards, and phone is all we need to board the plane. Another service waiting for implementation is the ability to scan your driving license and passport to the Android system.

According to Android Platform Security chief, Rene Mayrhofer, manufacturers are now able to implement a completely secure solution for storing personal data, after which it would be possible to use this data using NFC. Google is currently working on meeting all of the ISO requirements for driving licenses, and driving licences will go on first shot when it comes to implementing it for Android. According to Mayrhofer, solution with the introduction of passports to our phones has to wait a bit, but scanning driving licences to the Android system is to be only a matter of time.