Apple from some time wants to change situation that many of the company's customers are choosing to use service centers other than the official one belonging to the manufacturer. Officially, this bothers the company mainly because in this way the company cannot guarantee customers full satisfaction from using the company's equipment. Along with the latest iOS system updates to iOS 12 and iOS 13 beta, there will be a new detail in the system that is supposed to slightly hinder the lives of customers using external services.

From now on Apple will block information about the battery capacity when phone detects that the battery in the device hasn't been replaced on the official Apple store. Instead, the system will display information encouraging you to visit an authorized Apple salon. This detail applies to users using iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR. Of course, this is not a very uncomfortable change for users, but it certainly will not appeal to many people, especially due to the high prices of battery repair on the official Apple’s website.