When placing an application on the App Store, developers must set its price in accordance with one of the thresholds set by Apple. However, these prices are set at the moment in only a few dozen variants, but soon there will be more such options. Apple has published documentation which shows that from May this year a new price list for applications and services in the App Store will be introduced.

The new prices of services and applications will start at 0.10$ and may be increased by 0.10$ up to a maximum of 10$, or it will be possible to adjust the price from 0.50$ by increasing it by multiples of 0.50$ up to a maximum of 50$. App developers will be able to take advantage of "globally equalized prices", which in practice will be conversions of app prices into local currencies in individual countries. The announced changes are to enter into force on 9th of May 2023.