Notches in the displays have already become a standard for producers of smartphones. Most companies try to imitate iPhone X during production of their flagship devices, but shapes of the notches usually differ radically. An example of unusual shape is the latest OnePlus's phone with a teardrop notch. Apart from shape, Asus has a new idea to stand out from the crowd. It is said that the new Asus phone will receive a notch with a changed localization in comparison to other phones.

Some hours ago we noticed some photos on the Internet that probably show physical look of Asus Zenfone 6. The thing that catches attention at first glance is the unusual location of notch on the screen. In the new Asus's phone, if plans of company won't change, notch will be located in the right corner of the phone. In other aspects notch itself is not unusual, and its area includes only the front camera. It would be the first phone on the market that would not receive a notch in the central part of the screen.