Almost certainly, most of you have ever dealt with the popular app for phones Pokemon GO, which in fact is still one of the most popular apps from all available titles. It is a game based on catching Pokemon that appear on real streets thanks to the use of augmented reality technology. The same technology will help Bandai Namco make another game for phones. Its main character will be Pac-Man, well known to gamers.

The game will be named Pac-Man Geo. It is already available in the App Store and Google Play, but only for pre-registration to download the game. Initially, the game's producers plan to release it later this month. The gameplay itself is supposed to be quite simple (at least in assumptions) and it will involve walking through the streets of cities in order to collect points by walking through the labyrinths, which will actually be the real streets around us. The producer announced that this title will be available for players from 170 countries around the world, but their specific list hasn't been published.