At the moment, the most popular source of applications on Android phones is Google Play Store. By downloading applications from this source, we can almost certainly be sure that our phone is safe, and we have to admit that it is difficult to find a trustworthy source of applications apart from the store developed by Google. The gap in this area was noticed by Epic Games, which published information that company is planning to open a similar platform to the Google Play Store in next year.

On the official site of Epic Games yesterday firm published information that Epic is seriously planning to create a platform that would compete with Google Play, but that's not all. The new Epic Games' project would also be available to computer gamers, so Epic must be ready to compete also with Steam. Epic wants to tempt game producers with low provisions from their earnings. Epic is planning to collect 12% of the profits from games purchased on the platform, and for comparison Google in its Play Store collects as much as 30% of revenue from applications. It is worth recalling that this is not the beginning of rivalry between Google and Epic Games. When Epic made a premiere of Fortnite for smartphones, the producers of this game didn't want to publish it in the Google Play Store.