Marketplace, function which offers internal market for Facebook's users, was introduced to the site over a year ago, and since then it has aroused mixed feelings. Some people think that market isn't working well in aspect of suggestions for users, because site often offers items which are not similar to the interests of users, but we must admit that opening of Marketplace was a great move for Facebook, because this service is very popular in many countries. It is not surprising then that Facebook is making next steps towards creating a strong internal market on the platform that will allow shopping without the participation of outside companies. Another goal for Facebook was to introduce its own payment system, and this feature made its debut for some users on the site a few hours ago.

The introduction of a new, unique payment system took place without big announcements, and it was accidentally noticed by users of the social media site. For now the function has been released for a small group of customers. The new type of payment works with Visa and Mastercard cards, and we can also pay for products with cryptocurrencies. To make using Facebook's internal payment options more comfortable for users, firm needs to make some changes - in our opinion Facebook has to give up the necessity of confirming this type of payment by the person which sells the item, because after this change payment will work in significantly faster way. This feature has been noted by some Android users as well as by Apple's customers.