Survival games currently are one of the most popular titles on market. Whole hype started after premiere of PlayerUnknown's Battleground, and later Epic Games released Fortnite. Second from mentioned games received great reviews, and title is available on the Internet legally for free, so number of players increases day by day. In the nearest future Fortnite will come to the mobile market, and this information was confirmed by Epic Games.

For beginning Fortnite will debut on iOS, and later title will be available on devices with Android. On 12th of March on official Fortnite's website all players will have opportunity to sign up for tests of first version for iOS. Game will have cross-progression - it means that players from phones will play with other gamers, and there will be a chance that they will rival with gamers from PC or PS4. We don't know when we should expect Fortnite's release in mobile versions for all players.