OnePlus uses very interesting marketing methods, which not only increase the brand's popularity, but also thanks to innovative methods company gains a lot of profits technologically and financially. Recently firm organized a special tournament in India with Gameloft, where the best player in the Asphalt game received OnePlus 6 and wireless headphones as a reward. This time OnePlus is organizing another curious idea, which is mainly dedicated for experts in code breaking.

On the official Twitter account of OnePlus appeared an information about the start of Crackables project. Company has launched an official website regarding this idea, and the event will start on 18th of September. So far we have not received much detail, but we already know that Crackables is organized in cooperation with Google. It is quite an innovative idea to check security of their own codes by people unrelated to the company. We can expect that OnePlus is going to fund interesting prizes for people who will find the most errors in the codes, but we have to wait a few more days for the confirmed information about Crackables.