Google+ is a service that was supposed to compete with Facebook from the very beginning of service's launch. Both portals operated on a similar basis, but a definitely larger user base allowed Facebook to succeed. The end of Google+ was practically only a matter of months, because as much as 90% of users according to statistics visit portal for only about 5 seconds. Google has confirmed that this project is actually going to be closed, but circumstances connected with security of accounts on this website will accelerate this process.

As we can read on the Internet, in 2015 there was a gigantic data leak from accounts created on Google+. Data related to approximately 500 000 accounts were stolen. Data that went into the wrong hands are not only e-mail addresses or dates of birth, but also profile photos and places of residence. Google was hidding this information for a very long time, but after 3 years it finally became a public knowledge. However, company calms down all users of this site, as no evidence has been found pointing to a potential threat to the data and their use for dangerous purposes.