Google Photos application has been on the market for 5 years. It has found many fans and is currently one of the most popular applications from Google. The manufacturer decided to introduce several changes to the application that will make it even more attractive.

It's easiest to notice big changes in the application's design. The Google Photos app logo has been changed. From now on, the main content of the application has been divided into three different sections: Photos, Search and Library. The first will consist of both photos and video recordings and the files contained on the drive will show up as large thumbnails. In addition, the thumbnails of videos will be automatically played. A section called "Memories" will also appear at the top of the card, where the application will highlight files with specific dates of their execution. The second section will allow you to search for specific photos related to the searched places or people. An interactive map of the world will also appear there, where app will mark places around the world with photos made exactly in specific place. The third card named Library, will display photos associated with the user's account, as well as photos and recordings currently stored in the phone's memory.