In the past, HTC was considered one of the most reliable smartphone manufacturers on market. Unfortunately, company's financial results are deteriorating year by year, and at some point the existence of the company was seriously endangered. When it seemed that HTC's resignation from its presence on the mobile market was only a matter of time, company concluded an agreement with Google that allowed at least for realization of basic and most important projects. One of the last chances to turn the corner may be premiere of new flagship device about which today we received a bit of information.

As we can read on LinkedIn profile of Kevin Duo, who is HTC's senior RF engineer, he had occasion to work with new Qualcomm's chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 (which may debut on market with different name, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150). In addition, Kevin Duo had the opportunity to check new X50 modem, and this information would indicate that new HTC's phone will support 5G technology. We hope that new project will allow HTC to achieve profits at a satisfactory level, because competition on the market is profitable for consumers. In the case of flop, it may turn out that it will be the last smartphone produced by HTC in the near future.