Apple has problems with obtaining enough units of 5G modems for its phones. The American company did not plan to create its own units responsible for connecting to the 5G network, because firm was counting on cooperation in this aspect with companies such as Samsung or Qualcomm. Negotiations with these two companies were failed, which led to the fact that the premiere of the first iPhones supporting 5G must be delayed. Apple's situation may be saved by Huawei.

Huawei has already presented its 5G mobile phone (Mate X), which uses the Balong 5000 unit. The information about potential cooperation with Apple is a surprise, because heads of the Chinese company announced at the beginning of January that Balong 5000 is  planned to be used only in phones produced by Huawei. Probably this cooperation is possible due to the fact that Apple doesn't use Android system in its phones, which means that Huawei does not treat Apple as a direct rival on the market. Negotiations are ongoing, and whether they will be finalized depends only on financial issues.