At the time when Huawei was in conflict with the US government, there was a significant risk that the company would be deprived of access to Android and applications running on it. Huawei authorities considered various options how to solve this problem, but the most sensible in their opinion was to create their own system. Initially it was said that the system will be called HongMeng OS, but now we know that Huawei called its new project Harmony OS. A few hours ago we received information about the entire system.

The new Huawei system is designed to support many types of devices, including of course smartphones or computers. Importantly, initially the system will not run applications programmed for Android, but the manufacturer confirmed that this will change in the nearest future. Harmony OS will offer a lot of interesting solutions to programmers - the system will support applications written, among others, in HTML5, and in addition an ARK compiler will be built into it. Harmony OS is a project that will be open source project, so it could be used and developed by other manufacturers apart from Huawei. The company which started creating this system confirms that works on the system will be continued, mainly to secure the future of the Huawei in the case of further problems that may block option of using Android system.