The sale of devices in the form of flash sales is very popular among Chinese manufacturers. It involves the provision of devices for sale in small batches, access to which is limited by the number of users who have previously received a special invitation to purchase a smartphone. A few hours ago, the first fast sale of Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro took place. It turned out that during first batch of flash sales Huawei set a new record in the speed of sales of all devices available for sale.

Huawei did not publish the official number of units that were sold during the first flash sale. We only received financial data - thanks to the first fast sale company achieved 200 million Yuan. Whole event lasted only 10 seconds despite the limited number of users who participated in it. The previous record belonged to Mi 9 produced by Xiaomi, when all units available during flash event were sold in 53 seconds. This shows how much interest Huawei generates around itself, and presented numbers surely will impress competitors in the mobile market, including companies such as Samsung and Xiaomi.